Ryan Reynolds Would Like To Date These “dreamy” Brothers If He Ever Changed His Gender


The star of the Adam project Ryan Reynolds is happily married to the graduate of the Gossip Girl series Blake Lively. She is gorgeous, and the actor is crazy about his wife (the man just gasped at the transformation of his wife at the MET gala!) They have three daughters, and a fourth child is on the way. But despite his gorgeous wife, the Canadian is still obsessed with his brothers, and we can’t blame him for that!

But obsessing over another celebrity is nothing new for a mercenary with a chatty actor. It’s no secret that he loves the Korean band Stray Kids. He had several useful interactions with the group, mainly with its leader Ban Chan. Most recently, he proved that he is a Stey when he congratulated Chan on his 25th birthday!

Ryan Reynolds Would Love to Get a Piece of Any of the Hemsworth Brothers

The Canadian finds Australian actors, the Hemsworth brothers irresistible, like many other women. The Australian brothers have graced the Hollywood scene with their good genes, and Ryan Reynolds appreciates it. During the “Deadpool” promotion, when asked which of the male celebrities he would like to date if he ever wakes up as a woman, he immediately blurted out the Hemsworth brothers.

He rushed after them and called them dreamy. “Any Hemsworth brother. These guys are dreamy,” he said. I bet women will agree with Mr. Funny! With the appearance of the superhero Ryan in the MCU, there is a chance that the paths of Deadpool and Thor will cross. And maybe we’ll see how Deadpool fawns over the Asgardian!

Reynolds is currently busy filming Deadpool 3. The film will be released only next year, but the actor is preparing for the role of the hero with a hunchback mouth. He also announced, to the delight of fans, that Hugh Jackman will once again play the role of Wolverine in the upcoming sequel.

Meanwhile, Chris Hemsworth’s latest work was the film “Thor: Love and Thunder” directed by Taika Waititi. His next series is Darren Aronofsky’s Limitless series Nat Geo.


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