Ryan Reynolds will “make a move” to buy His second Ottawa Senators sports team, Sets Up a meeting with the owner


Besides being a Hollywood powerhouse, Deadpool star, Ryan Reynolds and his love of sports are not unknown to anyone. Showing the same, the 46-year-old actor, along with Rob McElhenny, bought the whole Wrexham AFC football club. Now it’s time for something more. Reynolds’ passion for sports knows no bounds; therefore, the star is ready to participate in the NHL franchise.

For the uninitiated, the NHL franchise is the operating room of the famous hockey club in Broward County, Florida. This allows well-established personalities to make deals, sign contracts and create a dynasty of players, exactly those who will become the leaders of the future. The property is in the hands of certain groups, called potential ownership groups of senators.

Ryan Reynolds will become the owner of a potential Ottawa Senator

Earlier reports claimed that the Hollywood A-lister was keen to buy the Senators in a potential sale. Although representatives rejected the lawsuit, the star did not completely reject the idea. In fact, what started as a hilarious smiley face on Twitter has turned into a full-fledged plan regarding the ownership of Ottawa. Now reports say Reynolds is in talks to meet with the senator’s ownership groups.

Earlier this month, the star also spoke out about speculation on “The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.” Reynolds admitted that he tried to intervene, but obviously he needed financial partners to facilitate the process. Reportedly, the star needs someone with “deep pockets” so he can promote his action plan.

The outcome of the meeting is still unknown. Officials have not yet confirmed whether the meeting took place at all or not. However, it seems that people who liked “Welcome to Wrexham” will surely vouch for “Welcome to Ottawa”. Although we agree that there is a huge difference between investing two million dollars in a low-level Welsh football club and bidding for Senators in an NHL franchise.

Do you think Reynolds will become the owner of the Ottawa Senators? Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.


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