Ryan Reynolds Talks About The Most Difficult Part of Working on The Upcoming ,Film “Spirituality”, And It’s Not Singing


Ryan Reynolds has not starred in any movie since “The Adam Project” on Netflix. Several months have passed since then, and fans of the Canadian actor are demanding another project from him. Well, you might argue that his “Welcome to Wrexham” is being broadcast on Hulu. However, this is a documentary series.

Nevertheless, fans do not have to wait long, because soon the owner of Aviation Gin is going to return to the screens in Spirited. He opens the Christmas season with the modern musical “A Christmas Carol in Prose” with Will Ferrell. In the “Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor said that although it was a joy to shoot the series, he was afraid to impress Will.

Ryan Reynolds was afraid to disappoint Will Ferrell with his impression of him

Spirited is the first musical in Ryan’s career. He hasn’t done one before. Therefore, it was a surprise for both the actor and the fans that he sang and danced in the film. However, for the 6 Underground star, dancing and singing were not the most difficult part of the film. On the contrary, it prevented him from constantly impersonating Will or saying lines just like him.

“The most difficult challenge for Spirited was not only singing, dancing and everything else. This was done in order not to impress Will Ferrell on fucking Will Ferrell,” Ryan Reynolds said. Moreover, the actor has been “sick” of working with him all these years and called him the greatest comedian who has contributed to the modern comedy lexicon.

Ryan’s wish finally came true. In fact, both of his wishes came true. He had long hoped to make a movie with Wade and Logan. And now that Hugh Jackman is on board, it’s finally happened!

The series Spirited on Apple+TV is based on Charles Dickens’ 1843 novel A Christmas Carol in Prose. Will plays the Ghost of a Christmas Present, and Ryan plays Scrooge.

Will you be watching the movie when it comes out on November 11th?


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