Ryan Reynolds talks about being a girl’s dad and about the important life advice he shared with his girls


Being a parent is hard work. While many of us may have had parents who were able to give the impression that they were not just making things up on the go, but everyone was just doing their best. Ryan Reynolds is the parent of three girls, and the “Deadpool” actor and Hugh Jackman’s nemesis admits that he made a lot of mistakes raising them. But he discovered that mistakes are an important part of learning, and now he is trying to teach this to his daughters.

Ryan Reynolds himself is the youngest of four boys, so the actor probably ended up in a very unfamiliar place, being the parent of three girls with actress Blake Lively, Betty, 2, Inez, 5, and James, 7. Reynolds clearly enjoys being a serious parent, as he has taken breaks in his career to be around his children. Speaking to people, the actor is honest that sometimes things with his children get out of control, and he is known to “snap”. Reynolds explains…

I am the parent of three girls. They’re wild. I think they have rabies sometimes. I’m like any parent — I’ll have a moment when I just break down. It’s not so much what you do at the moment that’s interesting, but what you do afterwards.

Most parents have probably had similar moments, regardless of whether they are the parents of one child or several, boys or girls. Reynolds himself spoke about a difficult relationship with his own father, so he probably now understands the situation from both sides, which allows him to see a unique point of view. The recent film “The Adam Project” caused Reynolds to have a lot of thoughts about his father and, probably, that he is a parent.

As a parent of two girls, of course I was there. Kids, especially at Reynolds’ age, aren’t exactly known for their ability to listen and follow directions, and that can certainly tire you out as a parent. You don’t want to snap at your kids, but it happens. Perhaps it was too many times for Reynolds to hear Baby Shark.

Losing your temper with children is a parent’s mistake, but Ryan Reynolds understands that no matter how old you are, mistakes make us better. He focuses on how he reacts after he makes this mistake. He also tried to instill the same lesson in his children, making sure they use these mistakes and learn from them. Reynolds continues…

I used to tell my kids, “Don’t waste your mistakes. When you make mistakes, it’s easy to be consumed by shame and the thought that you did something wrong, but you also have to look at it critically and use it as a stepping stone to explore something deeper.

This is a good way to look at errors. They are almost impossible to avoid, and they come with the territory of new experiences, so the goal should be to extract something useful from them. If you make a mistake but never make the same mistake a second time, it’s because the first mistake taught you something. We should always strive for new mistakes.