Ryan Reynolds Says Taylor Swift Is a “Religion” In His House, And Even Lets His 3-Year-Old Son Get Away With F-Bombs


What is Taylor Swift’s spiritual experience as a Reynolds family?

Taylor Swift’s musical comeback went smoothly, except for a controversial moment from the “Anti-Hero” music video. She receives praise from fans and critics, breaking and setting numerous records. The success of the album prompted warm words from country music legend Dolly Parton. But Parton is not the only famous fan of Midnight’s success as an actor, and Swift’s close friend Ryan Reynolds is another fan of her latest work. It’s not just Reynolds; his whole family, including his wife Blake Lively, is feeling the new music. The energetic star went so far as to call Swift a religion in her home, and his 3-year-old daughter dropped bombs in the process.

Reynolds and Lively have been friends with Swift for many years. The pop superstar is close with the couple’s three daughters, even mentioning the name in the song “Betty” from her 2020 album Folklore. But the new album struck the Reynolds-Lively family differently than her last album Evermore. The Deadpool star told The Jess Cagle Show about the spiritual connection he and his family have with the Anti-Hero singer’s new music.

It’s like a religion in our house. Actually, I’m not making this up. We’re going to have Taylor Swift’s “Midnight” dance party right after that. Sunday. We head straight to the porch, where we perform a full dance number to “Midnight”, including swear words. I like it the most when a three-year-old kid just throws a fucking bomb in a song.

It’s funny, but shocking to hear a three-year-old casually drop an f-bomb. While this may be inappropriate by most standards, Reynolds’ little daughter is just being supportive of a close family friend. But this development is not so surprising, since Swift is now swearing more in his music. In addition to swearing, it would be nice to see a fully staged number by the Reynolds family. It makes you wonder who created the dance program. Let’s hope that Reynolds or Lively will post the video online for mass viewing.

Despite the fact that they grew up as the children of an influential Hollywood couple, Reynolds’ daughters simply saw Taylor Swift as their close “aunt” who visits them from time to time. The 46-year-old actor said they didn’t realize she was a pop superstar until they attended one of her concerts. After seeing her live performance, they changed their attitude towards a family friend. It looks like the girls have fully confirmed their Swiftie status with the album Midnights.

Ryan Reynolds is currently promoting his holiday musical “Spirited with Will Ferrell,” which will hit select theaters in November and then begin streaming on November 18 with an Apple TV+ subscription. He is currently preparing for Deadpool 3, where Hugh Jackman will return as Wolverine. But Taylor Swift has not weakened on the acting front, as she played a small but memorable role in Amsterdam, which is currently in theaters. Don’t forget that there are still films to watch in 2022.


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