Ryan Reynolds reveals how Netflix is now ready to adapt “Dragon’s Den,” says, “I’m curious to see how it goes”


Ryan Reynolds has been busy lately exploring new things and working on new projects. It was announced that the Canadian star has started work on “Deadpool 3”. At the same time, he is also promoting his new film “Spiritualized”, based on the novel by Charles Dickens. This Christmas musical comedy tells the story of a miserly misanthrope.

On the other hand, Ryan is again associated with a project that first appeared back in early 2020. It was also said that he will play the main character Dirk the Bold. At the moment, the star of the Adam project recently said that Netflix is now ready to adapt The Dragon’s Lair. Is he acting in a movie or has his role changed this time?

Ryan Reynolds talks about how Netflix brought the most amazing technology to the Dragon’s Den.

In a recent promotional interview with Collider, Ryan Reynolds talked about his 2020 projects, which finally came to life. The 45-year-old star seemed very excited about the project and appreciated Netflix for their approach to the video game.

“And I’m not sure, but I don’t think anyone has ever tried it like that. So I’m curious to see how it goes,” Reynolds explained. Moreover, the “Free Guy” star said that the streaming giant is going to experiment with technology in a way that can amaze people. According to him, this is something he or the industry has never seen before.

“So they’re taking some pretty groundbreaking hits on specific intellectual property in a way that I’m amazed at.” Therefore, Ryan Reynolds is very excited to see what he will bring to “Dragon’s Den” as he will be a part of all time.

The “Deadpool” star will be the producer of “Dragon’s Den” for Netflix.
The star of “Asylum” also said that his production company “Maximum Effort” is cooperating with another producer. It includes Roy Lee of Vertigo Entertainment, Trevor Engelson, Gary Goldman, John Pomeroy and Don Bluth.

Meanwhile, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” writers Dan and Kevin Hageman will be writing the script for this adaptation.

What do you think about this live action movie adaptation produced by our comedian? Let us know your opinion in the comments section.


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