Ryan Reynolds reveals his middle name


Ryan Reynolds revealed his best kept secret to fans, his “embarrassing” middle name!

Ryan Reynolds surprised his fans by knowing his middle name and we reveal all the details in La Verdad Noticias.

People just had no idea that the popular actor was a “Rodney”, but that’s the case.

The news broke when the Deadpool actor was trying to promote new promotions for Mint Mobile, the phone company he owns.

He noted that $ 90 can be a one-time payment for a month of cell phone service in the United States. While all of that is great, Ryan Reynolds probably didn’t expect people to realize that his middle name was the most interesting part of the post.

Fans react to Ryan Reynolds’ middle name

Fan after fan had so many questions as to why they had never heard this fact out loud before. And honestly, that works well for Mint Mobile, as the Green Lantern star keeps finding ways to attract those eyes.

Ryan Reynolds wrote: “Paying $ 90 a month for wireless service is like my middle name, Rodney. It exists and you COULD use it … but it sucks, why would you? Instead, pay $ 90 for SIX MONTHS at https://mintmobile.com ”

Check out the reactions to Ryn Reynolds’ full name below:


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