Ryan Reynolds Praises Michael J. Fox and a New Documentary, and Also Screams About a “Criminally Undervalued Pearl”


Canadians have a reputation for being awfully nice people, so perhaps it’s not surprising that Ryan Reynolds is showering praise on his compatriot Michael J. Fox. But it turns out Reynolds is apparently a big fan. Reynolds took to social media to enlist support for Fox’s newest project, a film about his struggle with Parkinson’s disease, and also to praise Fox’s film, which many may not know about “Horror Stories.”

After Michael Jay’s successful career in television and film, Fox became the public face of Parkinson’s disease and the fight against it. The new film “Still”, coming to Apple TV+, will be a kind of documentary/biographical film telling his story from his own point of view. One person who is really looking forward to the release of the film is Ryan Reynolds. The actor took to Twitter to say that he apparently holds all of Michael J.’s films close to his heart. Fox thinks that one of them, “Horror Stories” of 1996, does not get the recognition it deserves.

I, for example, should be on Ryan Reynolds’ team. “Horror Stories” is a great movie that few people remember. Starring Michael J. Fox played a fraudster who can see the spirits of dead people. It is also one of the projects that preceded The Lord of the Rings by Peter Jackson, who directed the film and co-wrote it with Fran Walsh.

Many people think that the career of Michael J. Fox begins and ends with “Back to the Future.” While it’s certainly a great movie, Fox starred in many films from the late ’80s to the early 2000s, and while they may not all have been cultural touchstones like Back to the Future, there’s something good about it.

Of course, anyone who is a big fan of Michael J. Fox, knows The Frighteners, including Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool star calls Fox a role model, but also a friend. But their relationship doesn’t end there, as Reynolds mentions that his father died of Parkinson’s disease, so he also knows firsthand what this disease does to people.

Nevertheless (opens in new tab) certainly sounds like a unique and interesting movie that could be worth an Apple TV+ subscription. Apparently, it will combine documentary footage with elements of the script to tell the story of the life of Michael J. Fox, as a movie star, and a man who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 29. The film has no release date. for now, but when he shows up, Ryan Reynolds won’t be the only one looking forward to him.


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