Ryan Reynolds Just Won the American Cinematheque Award, But Reveals The Wish List He Noted


Ryan Reynolds has achieved many milestones as an actor, but his real wish on the wish list was pretty simple and sweet. The Free Guy actor was on all social networks, actively promoting his business and films. The actor, who moved from comedy films to action films, in “Deadpool” perfectly balanced both.

The actor has definitely received due recognition, as he recently won the American Cinematheque Award. He was joined by his wife Blake Lively, his mother Tammy and Will Ferrell. After the event, Ryan Reynolds told what his real wish list was and how it became true.

Ryan Reynolds marks his Wish List

Ryan Reynolds had a very pleasant holiday when he received the American Cinematheque Award. Later, he seems to be talking about it on Fox News Digital. About achievements and wish lists, he said, “Working with Will has always been a wish list item for me.” The actor considered Ferrell one of the greatest comedians of our time. He also added that the actor of the “Campaign” has contributed more to comedy cinema than other actors combined.

Ferrell is undoubtedly the king of Christmas and brings the Christmas spirit to the festive season every year. He starred in such films as “Elf”, “Daddy’s House”, “Elf Proposal”, etc. The actor, who is friends with Ryan Reynolds, made a nice speech during the American Cinematheque Award ceremony. The actors from “Free Guy” and Will Ferrell were working on their Christmas musical film “Soulful” for the first time.

The film brings to life its version of Charles Dickens’ novella “A Christmas Carol“. The musical film was a new first experience for Ryan Reynolds. Together they trained for months to perfect the remake, especially the dance scenes. Actor Ted agrees that the film is the chance of a lifetime.

Meanwhile, he’s also busy with his 2024 film “Deadpool 3,” which is causing a lot of anger everywhere. Bringing Hugh Jackman to work was also definitely Reynolds’ wish that came true.

What do you think of the couple’s Energy in the film and Reynolds’ modest wish list? Comment on your thoughts.


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