Ryan Reynolds Is Ready to “Disgrace Himself” If The Film “Good Afternoon” From “Energy” Wins an Oscar


Ryan Reynolds directed the first musical in his career, “Spiritualized” in 2022. The film is an interpretation of Charles Dickens’ famous short story “A Christmas Carol in Prose”, which has been filmed hundreds of times. The film also stars Will Ferrell alongside Reynolds in the famous role of Ebenezer Scrooge.

Although the film did not have box office receipts, the creators have certain expectations from the songs from the film. Especially one of the songs for which Ryan Reynolds is ready to disgrace himself on the Oscar stage.

Which Ryan Reynolds song starring the screenwriters want to get an Oscar nomination for?

The songs for the Oscar have not yet been nominated, the authors of Spirited are ready with their own. Songwriters Benj Pasek and Justin Paul sincerely want their song “Good Afternoon” to be shortlisted for the 95th Academy Awards.

They want the song to be nominated so that the stars of the film can perform under it. Paul previously told Variety that watching Ferrell and Reynolds perform on stage would be a lot of fun.

On the other hand, Ryan Reynolds said he wasn’t thinking about it. All he thinks is that if the song is nominated for an Oscar, the least he can do is “show up on this stage and embarrass himself.”


Although “Good Afternoon” will compete with the songs of such legends as Taylor Swift, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, on the way to the nomination and after it. While the writers are hoping for a nomination, Reynolds’ close friend Hugh Jackman doesn’t want the same.

How was “Good afternoon” done?

Apparently, the 46-year-old actor will also be marked if the song is nominated. According to Variety, he was inspired by the original Dickens novel for this song. It was Ryan Reynolds who suggested that it would sound like an insult if Scrooge said “Good afternoon”, which is perfect for the plot. And that’s the only thing he asked the writers to do: create a song about a good day.

The team almost created a 55-page mini-book just for song ideas.

Would you like to see Reynolds and Ferrell perform if “Good Afternoon” is nominated for an Oscar?


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