Ryan Reynolds Got a “+” Response After He Was Called Out For Allegedly Training Hard for “Deadpool 3”


In some ways, it’s still hard to believe that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman actually teamed up for “Deadpool 3,” but here we are. The prospect of seeing their Marvel characters on screen together is exciting, but the actors have already staged a kind of “show” for the public. Since the plans were confirmed, Jackman and Reynolds’ fake feud has flared up in full force, and both stars have been throwing hilarious shadows at each other. More recently, a fan noted that Reynolds is working hard on a Marvel triquel. The comedian didn’t miss a second responding to the message as he dropped an A+ response that his co-star had unearthed.

Superhero movies do require a lot of preparation from the roles of stars, as many fans probably already know. After all, they have to look the part to understand the physical shape of the costumed benefactors. So it’s not surprising that Ryan Reynolds is now going to give his all in the gym, and a fan will notice it. When a person made a joke: “Deadpool is training at full strength,” the witty 46-year-old actor joked that he was not preparing for a movie, but for an even more serious test. Check out the post from his Instagram story below:

Shots fired, Hugh Jackman! The Australian actor has a reputation as one of the most generous stars of show business, but his colleague seems to dispute this opinion. Honestly, you can’t help but love the barbs that two stars aim at each other. They are definitely laughable and fan the flames of their rivalry. But what can be appreciated most in jokes is that they are all based on love, believe it or not.

Over the past few months, the jokes between Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been flying fast and furious. Just a few weeks ago, Jackman trolled Reynolds using a fake daily newspaper with clippings by Wade Wilson. A few days later, Reynolds took his own humorous shot when he hilariously asked if he would have a musical number with Jackman in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. Recently, the energetic star has been involved in several battles of wit. Even his wife, Blake Lively, has planted an ESPN+ account on him to see his desperate looks whenever he watches a game of his Wrexham AFC football club.

Jokes aside, this is not just a game for the two main characters as they prepare to begin their upcoming superhero adventure. Graduates of the “Greatest Showman” previously explained that preparing for Wolverine this time is more difficult than for the “X-Men” films. This is because his training time is now limited due to his obligations to the Broadway “Musician”. Making a story isn’t a walk in the park either, as actor Wade Wilson says finding the right tone is a “tightrope walk.” Of course, they and director Sean Levy can create an exciting story that lives up to the hype.

“Deadpool 3” won’t hit theaters until next year, so it’s still a long time before we see the titular antihero mix it up with Volvey on the big screen again. At the same time, I expect more shadow-casting from both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter who manages to defeat the other in the subsequent battle, because we, the public, are the winners by default, given that we can watch how it all unfolds.

“Deadpool 3” is released in theaters on November 8, 2024 and is one of the biggest new Marvel films. If you need to catch up, you can stream the first two parts using a Disney+ subscription.


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