Ryan Reynolds discusses the ”nerve-racking” aspect of working on his film for Apple TV+ Spirited


Ryan Reynolds spoke about the “nerve-wracking” experience he had while working on Spirited on Apple TV+.

Ryan Reynolds will play alongside Will Ferrell in a new adaptation of “A Christmas Carol” for Apple TV+ subscribers called “Energetic”. What distinguishes this modern adaptation from the approximately 934 film adaptations of the film “A Christmas Carol in Prose” is that we have the opportunity to see how the actor Deadpool sings and dances. But being in a musical movie isn’t always fun and fun, as Reynolds spoke about the “nerve-wracking” experience he got while working on Spirited on Apple TV+.

In the trailer for the callback movie “A Christmas Carol,” Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds get uncomfortably close as the tables turn to the Ghost of a Christmas Present and his life is explored. Reynolds told Empire about the “nerve-wracking experience” he had while creating this musical holiday twist, saying:

I do not pretend to be a competent singer or dancer before, during, or after. I’m used to getting on set and kind of can figure it out at the moment. This is not the case with such a film. You have to live, eat, breathe and sleep according to this routine. It was exciting, nerve-racking and scary. In fact, I was so scared that I would go full circle, go back to the brave. I don’t think I would ever do it again. But I genuinely loved it.

We all know Ryan Reynolds can throw a punch and make us laugh, but it would be nice to see what else he can do. It’s like when we saw how Hugh Jackman playing circus performer P.T. Barnum in “The Greatest Showman” differs from the character of Wolverine with metal Claws, by which we all know him. While his musical debut in the movie “Les Miserables” showed the audience the melody, “The Greatest Showman” proved that he can also move to the beat (assuming you haven’t seen Jackman perform on stage yet). Other actors will make their debut as singers this year, for example, Patrick Dempsey from “Anatomy of Passion”, demonstrating his singing abilities in the long-awaited sequel to Disney+ “Disappointed”. Even if singing and dancing are not given to everyone, it shows great courage to still be ready to take part in a musical.

What we know about Spirited is that Ryan Reynolds, known for his action-packed role in the Deadpool films, will play the “wrong Scrooge”, Clint Briggs. Will Ferrell will return to his roots from holiday movies, playing the Ghost of Christmas. This will be his third collaboration with Daddy’s Home by Sean Anders and John Morris. Octavia Spencer from The Help will also showcase her singing talent in the film; we previously heard her singing in an episode of the short-lived TV series “The Red Ribbon Society” and in the comedy film “The People of Jesus: The Movie”.

Another actor you’ll see in Spirited is musical actor Patrick Page, known for playing the Green Goblin in Spider—Man: Turn Off the Darkness and The Grinch in Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas!. Musical. Also, expect to see Sunita Marie from GLOW as the Ghost of Christmas Past and Joe Tippett from Rise. Although we have had modern retellings of The Christmas Carol in the past, this Apple TV+ movie shows that today there are many ways to tell the public a Charles Dickens Christmas tale.

It wasn’t easy for Ryan Reynolds to demonstrate his singing and dancing skills, but I’m sure his “nervous” experience will eventually pay off. You can see for yourself if Ryan Reynolds will be able to sing and dance in your heart in Spirited when it comes out on Apple TV+ on November 18.


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