Ryan Reynolds Calls USA’s “Stupid” Hatred of Football The Most Hilarious Way Possible


Ryan Reynolds and his recent love, rather, “obsession” with football is very obvious. Millions of people in America and Europe are constantly arguing about which of the two sports is better than the other, and for some reason they never come to any conclusion. While there are many rules in American football, and 6 points will be awarded for a touchdown (if a player can take the ball out of the opponent’s front line with his hand or foot). In football, everything is simple: you score the ball into the opponent’s goal and earn a point.

 And it seems that since the Canadian celebrity acquired the Welsh football club Wrexham AFC, he shamelessly made his love for the game known to the whole universe. Now, probably, no one could prevent him from supporting the proposal in favor of football, jokingly stating that football or football is best. And we’re here to justify the same thing.

Ryan Reynolds is once again showing off his unprecedented love of football in the most hilarious way.

Reynolds, who considers football “stunning, heartbreaking, a magnificent automaton of the heartbreaking, evil and beautiful,” never shies away from praising this sport even in the vastness of the NFL. Deadpool’s mercenary recently posted a video in his Instagram story, and it proves his ubiquitous love.

In a clip posted on the Independent’s Instagram page, the comedian (@grantsgamerecs) explicitly calls those who don’t like football in America “dumb.” According to him, people always have an argument: “Football is ineffective and boring.” Then he compares it to America’s most beloved game, the NFL, and claims that even in American football there are few points, but they just play economy. “They’re just scoring points. It’s not 21 to 14, it’s 3 to 2!”


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 Although the 46-year-old actor from Vancouver did not sign his story, his intentions speak for themselves. Also, this isn’t the first time Reynolds has directly expressed his love for football. The owner of Wrexham AFC, who would call the Welsh stadium his church, “came to church on time,” also watched the recent stunning World Cup, declaring that he was “in love.”

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