Ryan Reynolds begins preparations for “Deadpool 3” for MCU Debut


Ryan Reynolds seems to have started preparing for the filming of “Deadpool 3” before his debut in the Marvel Cinematic universe. It’s been more than a decade since Reynolds first appeared as Wade Wilson. Although his role in X-Men: The Beginning: Wolverine was a disaster, it gave the actor the passion to properly bring to life a mercenary with a mouth. Finally, in 2016, he did it by releasing “Deadpool”, which became a huge box office hit and pop culture. Reynolds returned as Deadpool in Deadpool 2. His image became so popular that even Marvel Studios couldn’t ignore him when Disney acquired the 20th Century.

The development of “Deadpool 3” has been underway for several years, but only in recent months has the film made real progress. Original screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese were brought back to write a new version of the script, and the Free Guy and project director Adam Sean Levy also joined. Despite the positive movement, “Deadpool 3” was not part of Marvel Studios’ announcements for Comic-Con 2022 in San Diego and was dropped from the list of the Multiverse saga, leaving room for additional speculation about when Ryan Reynolds will debut in the MCU.

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Now it seems that Reynolds has started preparing for Deadpool 3. His longtime coach Don Saladino, who worked with Reynolds in preparation for the two previous Deadpool films, posted on social media that they are training together again. His Instagram caption teases that this is really for Deadpool 3, or at least for Deadpool’s appearance in the MCU, as it reads: “🔴 ⚔️ and so it begins…” Emoticons with a red circle and crossed swords are clearly teasing Deadpool.

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Teasing Ryan Reynolds returning to superhero form for the role of Deadpool is quite intriguing. Earlier it was announced that the filming of “Deadpool 3” will not begin in 2022. The beginning of Reynolds’ training at this point means either that the action of “Deadpool 3” takes place much earlier than previously expected, or that the actor is preparing to shoot a Deadpool cameo for another MCU project. Of course, Reynolds may also want to start training a few months in advance because of his already busy schedule.

Although “Deadpool 3” was not officially part of Marvel Studios’ announcements of the multiverse saga, there is still a high probability that the film will be released in the next few years. There’s an untitled Marvel movie on the Disney release calendar dated February 2024, so “Deadpool 3” may be the missing Phase 5 movie. If this is the case, then Ryan Reynolds may need to prepare for combat training and other preparatory stages by the end of this year. We hope that all this means that there will be new announcements about “Deadpool 3” very soon.


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