Ryan Reynolds as Zoltar Machine from Big, Now Give Us a remake


Do you remember the Zoltar slot machine from one of the best Tom Hanks films “The Big One”? Well, there are a few of these mysterious cars in California. Ryan Reynolds, posing at the Zoltar car, suggests to us that he should play the main role in a big remake.

The Zoltar car was what a young Josh Baskin wished for in the 1988 classic “Big” to be “big” in order to be able to please older girls and ride any roller coaster he wanted. Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to pose at this particularly creepy arcade machine, captioning Josh’s same wish: “I wish I was big.”

People on Instagram were quick to ask if this was Ryan Reynolds’ way of hinting at a big remake. After all, the closest we’ve come to a remake of the Tom Hanks classic is Zachary Levy’s Shazam! this is an easy comparison. In Shazam! a teenage boy Billy receives magical powers from a wizard, where he turns not only into a superhero, but also into an adult man. We see Billy using his newfound growth spurt to attract social media attention, buy beer, and prevent trouble at school. There is even a scene where Billy/Shazam accidentally steps on a walking piano and accidentally plays a few notes, as Josh did. Makes me wonder if Reynolds knows the infamous rap lyrics of Big like Tom Hanks does.

Ryan Reynolds is sure that he himself lives a “big” life. He had a successful film career in the box office series “Deadpool” and “The Adam Project” on Netflix. We should also consider him lucky due to his successful marriage to Blake Lively and their three daughters. Being named a “Living Sexist Man” in 2010 and having a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame can make any boy dream of such a life.

If the “Deadpool” star had played a major role in a potential remake of “The Big One,” it wouldn’t have been something incredibly empty for him. There were many times when we saw a childish image of a Canadian actor appear in his roles. In Netflix’s “The Adam Project,” we saw how the opposite happens when an adult Adam and his teenage version meet during time travel. But we still saw how his inner child came out and, through young Adam, discovered that he still had to grow up a little. Although a remake of The Big One may seem like an exciting idea for viewers of this generation, there will still be nothing like the Big Tom Hanks in terms of sentimental moments of growing up and reminding viewers that before technology there was a time when children played with toys. I think in the remake of The Big One, he could work for a video game company or on a social network.

Ryan Reynolds’ desire to become “big” has definitely come true, as he is considered one of the highest-grossing movie actors of all time. If there’s going to be a big remake, I recommend watching the original movie starring Tom Hanks first, which you can watch on a Hulu subscription.



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