Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny Appear in “FIFA 23” to Utter “Good-Natured Barbs”


Three months after its release, FIFA 23 players have just discovered a series of Easter eggs featuring Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenny.

Hollywood Legends own the Wrexham AFC National League team, which was included in FIFA 22 in the “Rest of the World” category and returned in the 2023 edition.

However, Reynolds and McElhenny themselves also appear in FIFA 23 to offer a few “good-natured barbs.”

In one Easter egg, a couple can be heard talking about the Liverpool Premier League team during a message before the game. “Well, it’s a special game, a big club against a very small one,” McElhenny begins. “A giant club versus a tiny, makeshift version of a football club,” Reynolds adds, before revealing they are dropping Liverpool.

Another event takes place when Wrexham hosts a Stockport County team from the EFL Second League, which was promoted to Wrexham at the end of last season. “Well, this is one of our main rivals from the first season as co—chairman of the club,” explains McElhenny. “Yes, they got promoted instead of us last season. Still a bit bitter about it, but feel free to deliver Stockport Country 31 a taste of humiliation. Don’t hold back,” Reynolds urges.

Sharing the news on Twitter, McElhenny denied the pair were insulting Liverpool. “Just a good-natured barb between two massive clubs,” he said.

It is not yet known if there are other Easter eggs with Reynolds and McElhenny in FIFA 23. The couple also star in the Disney+ documentary series Welcome to Wrexham, which tracks the couple’s attempts to change the position of the “struggling” team, which is the third oldest football player. a club in the world.

Last year, it was confirmed that the launch of FIFA 23 was the most successful in the history of the series. FIFA 23 is the latest installment of a multi—year series of video games about football, which will be renamed EA Sports FC from next year after the termination of EA’s partnership with FIFA.

In other news, the high-speed passing charity Games Done Quick has announced that founder Mike Uyama is retiring from the game after 13 years.


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