Ryan Johnson From “The Last Jedi” Talked About His Return to “Star Wars”


Screenwriter and director Ryan Johnson was busy trying to bring his original detective Benoit Blanc back to the cinema world. As the upcoming film “The Glass Bow: The Mystery of Knives” begins theatrical screening, the expectation of a big return of Daniel Craig is in the air. However, Johnson did offer an update on what has also been associated with his name for a while: his return to the Star Wars franchise after the creation of The Last Jedi.

While preparing for the premiere of the film in Los Angeles, Variety met with the man who made perhaps the most controversial Star Wars film. You would never think so, judging by the way he talks about this experience, especially with this statement on his return:

The creation of Star Wars was the culmination of my life, and that’s why I still pray to God to return there someday.

Despite the violent reaction to the 2018 film Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Ryan Johnson remained in conversation with this galaxy far, far away. So much so that in a previous update Johnson recently gave, he noted that he had discussed the details with Kathleen Kennedy of Lucasfilm. However, this is a cinematic world that has undergone some interesting changes recently, so some shakiness could be seen behind this statement.

This applies, in particular, to two projects in which luck has leaned to the dark side of the equation. Not so long ago, we saw how the advertised film “Rogue Squadron” was frozen because the project led by Patty Jenkins dropped out of the 2023 schedule. Since this decision was made after a series of steps that led to a reduction in the priority of the project, the final decision was both expected and shocking.

More recently, Devotion director J.D. Dillard also lost the Star Wars project, which only further casts doubt on whether Disney is still going to stick to its alternating holiday schedule with potentially massive tents. Previously, the structure was laid down in such a way that “Star Wars” and “Avatar” alternately profited from this box office season. Now that television seems to be becoming a priority, this strategy is under great question.

At the moment, Ryan Johnson’s attention is clearly focused on Benoit Blanc and any other Knives Out mystery. This is partly due to Netflix’s huge commitment to the two planned sequels, which begin with the release of Glass Onion. Another factor that most likely makes Johnson focus on this particular world is that he probably gets as much pleasure as Daniel Craig, twirling knives and destroying expectations with the help of intricate original detectives.

While he’s still excited to be back in the world of “Star Wars,” we’ll see Johnson return to his own creation very soon. All this will unfold on cinema screens starting next Wednesday, when “The Glass Bow: The Riddle of “Get Knives”” begins its week-long limited participation. Although, if you can’t do that, the movie will be streamed to those with a Netflix subscription starting on December 23.


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