Ryan Johnson Called Working With Matt Berry “The Main Goal of Life.”


Ryan Johnson said he eventually wants to work with Matt Berry.

The director of the Get Knives films made the revelation in response to a viral tweet by podcaster Nathan Ellingsworth, which read: “Put Matt Berry in Get Knives 3.

Fans of detective films are clearly carried away by this idea — at the time of writing, the tweet has gained 11,700 likes and has been viewed 706,000 times. Johnson also liked this idea, and he replied to Ellingsworth: “Working with this person is the main goal of life.”

The third film “Get Knives” is being prepared for release after Netflix paid $450 million (£372 million) for the rights to two sequels of the 2019 detective film last year.

Johnson said in an interview with Deadline that he is collecting ideas for this. “I have a Moleskine notebook that I always carry with me, and I write something down in it all the time,” he said. “The first 80 percent of the process for me is sketching in notebooks and structuring it all. I’m trying to get ahead.

“Even when I’m doing all the advertising for this movie, I’m trying to start building a structure, an idea, so that after the New Year, when it’s time to actually get to work, I hope I’m not just staring at this terrible blank page. But you’re always like that, I guess.

Glass Onion has already established itself on Netflix, gaining 82.1 million hours of views on the streaming service over the Christmas weekend after being released on Netflix on December 23.

Earlier this month, many fans also suggested Berry could be a good replacement for Matt Lucas in The Great British Bake Off, after The Little Britain star announced he was leaving the show after three years to pursue other projects.


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