Ryan Gosling’s MCU Casting: The Best Marvel Characters He Could Play


Actor Ryan Gosling has expressed interest in playing a Marvel superhero, and many roles could suit him in the MCU. Gosling started out as a child actor and worked his way into Hollywood with several indie hits, including “Lars and the Real Girl” and “Blue Valentine,” before becoming a household name thanks to “Memory Diary.” Since then, Gosling has demonstrated his skills in many different films, playing different characters, from funny-charming to darkly cruel. His roles in “Drive,” “Blade Runner 2049” and “Nice Guys” have demonstrated his penchant for the role of the main character of action movies, while films such as “Madness,” “Stupid Love” and “La La Land” have demonstrated his more dramatic and charming image. His latest role in the Netflix-directed action movie “Avengers: Finale,” “Grey Man” hopes to capitalize on Gosling’s breadth of skills by preparing him for a superhero turn in the MCU.

Gosling recently denied rumors that he is applying for the role of Nova, a space superhero in the MCU who has not yet appeared in live action. Instead, the actor suggested that he would rather play a Ghost Rider, which generally seems appropriate to him. In addition to these two roles, Gosling did not mention an active desire to star in an MCU movie, although it is likely that Kevin Feige and Disney are eyeing the actor as a prospect for their next wave of starring roles. considering his continued rise to fame.

Although many of the MCU’s most prominent roles have already been talked about, from Captain America to Thor, Doctor Strange, etc., there are still quite a few notable comic book characters who have yet to be adapted to live action. As Marvel spreads its wings between feature films and series on Disney+, the doors are wide open for Gosling to land a suitable role in the vast MCU universe. Here are the best character suggestions for Ryan Gosling in the MCU, whether it’s a movie or a TV series.

The Miracle Man

Simon Williams/Wonder Man is one of the first Avengers in Marvel comics and a character who is ready to make his MCU debut. The origin of the Wonder Man from comics is complex and multi-layered. Born into wealth and handed over the family business at a young age, Williams makes several bad decisions that lead him to prison, where he is eventually released by Baron Zemo, agreeing to become a test subject for the villain’s ion beam, which will later give him superhuman abilities. The experiment worked, and Williams took the name Wonder Man, initially infiltrating the ranks of the Avengers to deceive them for Zemo, but later fighting for them and becoming one of them himself. Williams would later become a movie star, balancing the superhero’s life with Hollywood fame, courting the Scarlet Witch and becoming one of the founders of the West Coast Avengers.

“Wonder Man” should already be a new series on Disney+, but the actor has not yet been selected for this role, so the door is open for Gosling if he wants this role. This is a great role for an actor, because Wonder Man is a complex, multifaceted character who has a unique transition from an ordinary person to a superhero. In addition, Wonder Man is known for his charm and personality, being a Hollywood star as well as a superhero, which makes it easy for Gosling to portray this duality, since he is already well known for having mastered these qualities in his work.

Quasar (Wendell Vaughn)

A space superhero from the Marvel universe, Wendell Vaughn is a former army soldier who joins the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy and graduates with honors, although he is denied field work due to the lack of “killer instinct”. He is assigned as a security guard where Stark Industries studies quantum bands, a pair of powerful energy management devices believed to have been created by the Eternal known as Kronos. The original user cannot use them and is killed, and Vaughn puts them on to prevent an AIM attack. purchase them. Vaughn discovers that he can use groups due to his lack of killer instinct, which makes him the perfect match to wield their power. He eventually assumes the mantle of Quasar, and Aeon assigns him the responsibility of the new Defender of the Universe (and eventually becomes the Avenger), which was previously assigned to Captain Marvel.

Gosling is a great fit for the role of Quasar, as he could play the role of Vaughn with the perfect balance of humility and heroism, especially when he is considered unworthy of field work due to his lack of killer instinct. The actor has demonstrated his ability to play a flawed outsider who accepts a challenge when faced with insurmountable difficulties, and Quasar is perfect for this. The role would allow the actor to portray an unlikely superhero, rather than one who is simply born with abilities, which would make Gosling’s on-screen evolution funny.