Ryan Gosling debuts Shirtless (and with bleaching blonde!) in the role of Ken in the new movie “Barbie”: photos


It’s plastic and fantastic! In the first photo of Ryan Gosling as Ken in the new Barbie movie, the actor looks very different.

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On Wednesday, June 15, Warner Bros. released the first frame in which the 41-year-old Notebook star is depicted in the image of the famous toy boy. Gosling wears a light denim vest with frayed sleeves and, naturally, no shirt underneath. The vest goes with his jeans, which makes the top of his underwear with Ken’s logo stick out.

A native of Canada looks like a Californian dude with his bleached blonde. He also tans with a spray with a perfectly sculpted abs and no body hair.

Ryan Gosling as Ken in “Barbie”. Jaap Buitendijk

Gosling will play alongside Margot Robbie, who plays the main doll in the film. Greta Gerwig is directing, and the 38-year-old Oscar nominee co-wrote the Barbie script with her longtime romantic partner Noah Baumbach.

As in the first shot released from the film, the bright pink background and bright lighting create a strong Malibu Dream House atmosphere.

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Barbie will also include America Ferrera, Kate McKinnon and Simu Liu. The 33-year-old Marvel star admired the script, which he hadn’t read until a junior agent on his team said it was one of the best scripts he’d ever read. “He literally said it verbatim,” Liu told GQ UK in a May interview. “He said, ‘If I could put my career on some script, it would be a Barbie script.’ I really think you should do it.”

The star of “Shang Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings” described the toy-inspired film as “wild” and “incredibly unique.” He added, “I wish I could just show you what we do day in and day out, because it’s crazy.”

Robbie, 31, was equally vague, teasing the film with live actors. When she described the role during an interview with British Vogue in August 2021, the Birds of Prey actress said the blonde bombshell “has a lot of baggage” and “a lot of nostalgic connections” for millions of fans.

However, like Liu, she also hinted at big surprises.

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“But with that comes a lot of interesting ways to attack him,” she shared at the time. “People usually hear Barbie and think: “I know what this movie is going to be,” and then they hear Greta Gerwig is writing the script and shooting it, and they’re like, “Oh, well, maybe I don’t know. ‘”

Currently, a film about Barbie is being shot, which is due to be released in theaters on July 21, 2023.