Ryan Gosling, Avatar and The Papyrus Tragedy: The Saga Continues


In 2009, James Cameron released Avatar, which became one of the greatest cinematic hits of all time. The sci-fi movie is replete with the magic of computer graphics, and, of course, Pandora broke Cameron’s Titanic record. Despite their differences, these two James Cameron films are still being discussed for their splendor. You’ll still find that people ranting about Rose could easily make room for Jack. It’s very similar to how eight years after the release of Avatar, SNL released a parody starring Ryan Gosling, who turns into an absolute madman when he realizes the fact that the name of Avatar is written in Papyrus font.

Years after the release of the films, fans were overcome with shock and some rage due to the fact that this cinematic masterpiece chose a font that everyone could use for the title. Therefore, it is not surprising that one of the biggest questions when releasing Avatar: The Way of Water was whether they were going to do away with the Papyrus font. The SNL parody made everyone, from the actors to James Cameron himself, talk.

Is the Papyrus font used in Avatar: The Way of Water?

When asked about the mass hysteria surrounding the papyrus font that was chosen for the first Avatar movie, James Cameron remained unconcerned. “It haunted me… not really. It’s pretty funny. I’m just amazed that they spent so much money on a little cinematic vignette around, you know, such a subtle concept!” the director said in an interview with Ali Plumb. Firstly, Cameron should not talk about spending a lot of money on cinematic vignettes.


And secondly, the statement probably evoked Ryan Gosling from an SNL parody in five different languages. The director even joked about using Papyrus for everything. And he did.

Moviegoers said that in this sci-fi masterpiece, the Papyrus font was used for all the subtitles of the film.

And although the title of the film was not in Papyrus, it was written in a different font, as usual as Papyrus. It’s as if the logo designer just highlighted “Avatar: The Path of Water”, clicked the drop-down menu and randomly selected Times New Roman. Like a carefree child wandering around the garden and pulling leaves.

Aren’t you confused by the font of the title? Let us know in the comments below.


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