Ryan Eggold’s Character Tom Keen Didn’t Deserve To Die


The popular NBC series, The Blacklist, is currently premiering its season 8, but many fans are saddened by the lack of some characters, such as Tom Keen, as they feel they did not deserve to die.

Reddington put Tom Keen in Elizabeth’s life, then Liz fell in love with him without doing any background checks, making them responsible for what happened next.

Tom Keen always protected Liz and was by far the only person who truly protected Liz from her many enemies for some time.

But, her death at the hands of a group of criminals was totally unjustified, especially after she had done so much to keep her wife and daughter alive.

Recall that the departure of actor Ryan Eggold was planned from the beginning of his last season, to give Elizabeth Keen more space, so that the character could grow, in addition to that the actor was busy with his role in New Amsterdam as Dr. Max Goodwin.

Tom Keen died during season 5 of The Blacklist, despite everything, actor Ryan Eggold, managed to participate in the spin-off, The Blacklist: Redemption, for at least one season, focusing a little on his past.

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