Ryan Eggold of “New Amsterdam” hints at Max and Helen’s wedding, baby and “something else extraordinary” before the final season


Happily ever after. Ryan Eggold from New Amsterdam believes that his character, Dr. Max Goodwin, is waiting for big things, including possible childhood happiness with his girlfriend Dr. Helen Sharp.

“This is definitely important for Max from the point of view of the cute little girl Luna. It is very important for him to find a mother for his daughter and a partner for himself. But I think that a woman is a role model and just a caring woman should be next to the Moon. He wants to be a family, so it’s potentially in their cards.”

Max and Helen (Frima Agyeman) finally got together in New Amsterdam after three long unsuccessful seasons, but since then their romance has been growing stronger. The 90210 graduate told us that he believes their strong relationship is about “trust.”

“I think they trust each other. I think they just know that the other person has their back, no matter what,” he explained. “And I think they had an intimacy before they became romantics. They became very close as colleagues when Max got married, and then, I think, they became even closer after the loss of his wife.

Eggold also cited Helen’s role as Max’s doctor during his battle with cancer as the reason for the couple’s success.

“She was his guardian, his doctor, when he was fighting cancer,” explained the graduate of Fathers and Daughters. “So, I think they went through a lot together and got very close before they became romantic. And now, adding that element, I think [there’s] just a close level of trust and intimacy.”

While the former “Blacklist” actor promised that the proposal between the lovers “will be very soon,” he also said that Dr. Sharp will face something “new” that could change the nature of the couple’s dynamics.

“Big changes are coming for Helen that will affect their relationship,” he said. It’s a challenge that I won’t spoiler, but I think it’s a surprise that they’ll have to navigate. This is something really new to deal with.”

The California native couldn’t reveal too many details, but promised that New Amsterdam would provide the couple with “some answers, some explanations and the beginning of a really new, exciting storyline.”

“And something else unusual, because [it’s] New Amsterdam, so we have to do 10 things at the same time,” he teased the couple’s future.

Outside of the show, Eggold is focused on the love of his life—his dog Jody. The director told us that he decided to partner with PETA after he saved her, and he and his puppy became best friends.

“I really love dogs. I love animals so much. Jody—no offense to anyone’s dog— is the greatest rescue dog in the world,” he said. “I just wanted to share how much she means to me and how much I think a rescue dog or cat can mean to someone, as well as to family and home.”

When it comes to pets, the Lovesong star had a simple question: adopt, not go shopping.

“There are so many amazing dogs and cats [out there],” he explained. “I think it’s important not to forget to rescue these puppies and adopt them, and not buy the perfect dog or something like that, [because she] doesn’t exist.”

The 4th season of “New Amsterdam” airs on NBC on Tuesdays at 22:00 ET. The fifth and final season is expected to air in the fall.