Ryan Coogler Talks About Why He Had Trouble Talking “They Were Considering Remaking Chadwick Boseman” with Someone Who Wasn’t Involved in Black Panther 2


The Marvel cinematic universe is an extremely successful franchise, but some objects stand out as fan favorites. “Black Panther” definitely falls into this category, as its sequel “Wakanda Forever” is expected to collect a lot of money at the box office in the first weekend. Ryan Coogler was back behind the camera for the film, which was one of the most anticipated upcoming Marvel films throughout the fourth phase. And Kugler recently revealed why he’s having trouble asking if they’ve considered remaking Chadwick Boseman with someone who’s not involved in the Black Panther franchise. And smart money says that he was asked many times.

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Creed director Ryan Coogler helped create a truly exciting corner of the MCU with the Black Panther franchise, which has finally returned to theaters – to the delight of fans. The first film became a worldwide sensation, and generations of fans were shocked to learn about the death of the main actor Chadwick Bozeman. While some fans wanted T’Challa to stay in the shared universe through remaking, it seems the cast and crew didn’t like it. Coogler spoke to Uproxx about the pain of losing the late actor and why he didn’t want to discuss whether another actor should take on the mantle of Bozeman. As he put it,

I’ll tell you this… I’ll tell you this: it’s really hard to have such a conversation with people who don’t know us and weren’t present when we did the first one. I actually understand this, I give people grace as much as I can, because I know they will never get it. If you know what I mean? If you hadn’t been with us these few hundred days and years, you wouldn’t have understood what he meant to us. You wouldn’t understand what he meant to the chosen family who were the people who made this movie. I understand from afar someone might say, “Hey, why didn’t you all do it?”

It seems that the cast and crew have established a strong bond while working on the original film “Black Panther”. Chadwick Boseman obviously played a big role in this, as he directed the cast and helped set the tone for the set. And precisely because of this connection in real life for Wakanda Forever, there could be no question of adding another reactor for T’Challa.

“Black Panther 2” honors Chadwick Boseman in various ways throughout its 161-minute duration, including in the opening video of Marvel Studios. It’s also powerful because the characters mourn T’Challa while the cast/fans mourn the loss of Bozeman. And in general, it turns out a fascinating meditation on the mountain.

Later in the same interview, Ryan Coogler explained why he didn’t want to discuss T’Challa’s remake with fans or those who weren’t involved in the Black Panther franchise. While some wanted to see the character alive in the shared universe, this was accompanied by a unique set of emotions. As Kugler further shared:

People are hostages of their views. Your point of view is all you have. I understand. We were there. We are the ones who did this to him. He was an irreplaceable person, it’s simple. For us, because we got to know him, because we got to know him in the process of creating this work, they are very closely connected for us. Maybe not for other people, but for us it is. To answer the question, has this ever been seriously considered? It’s hard to say if he was ever seriously considered. We thought about almost everything, but as I said, I was thinking about not doing another one or not being removed from the picture. We used the whole range of thoughts, but we couldn’t make a good movie that way. Do you know what I’m talking about? It’s true. I’m not sure we would have made a movie at all.

Obviously, the Black Panther franchise means a lot to Ryan Coogler both personally and professionally. Earlier, he called the continuation of the story after the death of Chadwick Bozeman the most difficult task in his career. The famous director even thought about giving up directing altogether, the loss was so heavy. But given the sensational response to Wakanda Forever, smart money says fans will be glad he didn’t.

“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” is in theaters now, marking the last installment of the film in the fourth phase of the MCU. Be sure to check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie, just don’t expect to see another Marvel game. Instead, the franchise continues to expand with shows and special offers on Disney+.


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