RUTH: Why Brandy Vs. Dorinda is a recipe for disaster


Dorinda Medley and Brandi Glanville participated together in the second season of the TV series “Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip” and feuded more than once. Both are known as prominent personalities in their “Real Housewives” shows. The clash of their points of view is a direct path to disaster.

The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip was a generally successful experiment that tested what could happen when women from the “Real Housewives” universe come together and can break the fourth wall. Fans enjoyed the first meeting of some of their favorites, but some housewives are more welcoming than others. However, the meeting between Brandy (from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and Dorinda (from The Real Housewives of New York) did not go according to plan.

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Throughout the time Brandy worked for RHOBH, she was a well-known pot lover. She became friends with Kim Richards, and a gap formed between Kim and her sister Kyle Richards. Brandy often struck below the belt in arguments, and many fans believed that she constantly hits below the belt. Meanwhile, Dorinda’s participation in RHONY was also accompanied by a fair amount of drama. During her RHONY run, Dorinda mocked Luann de Lesseps for being arrested, and even disgraced herself in front of Bethenny Frankel’s charity partners before going to ​​​​Puerto Rico. In the 2nd season of RHUGT, the 5th episode, Brandy used as a weapon the death of Taylor Armstrong’s husband, Russell Armstrong, when the group talked about Brandy’s not very good impressions of the cast of the 1st season of RHOBH, and Dorinda did not take it very well.

Dorinda lost her husband Richard to liver failure, so her reaction was justified. However, when she intercepted and tried to compare Brandi’s comment about Russell to Brandi’s son who might die, Brandi couldn’t help herself. When two people with firm beliefs and firm approaches to confrontation collide, the situation is bound to get out of control. It’s safe to assume that although Brandy and Dorinda have apologized to each other, this situation may affect their friendship in the long run. Fans are all too familiar with Brandi’s history of grievances and many moments below Dorinda’s belt, which means that a full recovery between them is probably unlikely. In addition, details of a potential feud between Dorinda and Brandy became known even before the 2nd season of RHUGT began airing, which suggests that they have not reconciled since the show ended in September 2021.

Since Dorinda and Brandy are two alpha personalities, they often fall below the belt when they quarrel with their castmates. Viewers weren’t surprised when the two finally bumped heads in season 2 of “Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip” after the death of Taylor’s husband was mentioned and it shocked the group. Further tension and blows below the belt can potentially be devastating, but even without confrontation, it seems that their friendship has been greatly damaged.


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