Rust Twitch Drops, how to get them: Auronplay hoodie


Viewers of various streams will have the opportunity to grab special articles related to content creators. Few remembered Rust before several of the biggest content creators chose it as their streaming game.

The launch of the Egoland server has managed to skyrocket the number of viewers, which exceeded one million on the first day. Figures as prominent as those of Ibai Llanos, Grefg, El Rubius or Auronplay have been some of those who have participated in the games. It had already been confirmed that Auron would have his own skin in Rust, but how can you get it? Thanks to the Twitch Drops.

It was the developer itself, Facepunch Studios, who has set up the whole mechanism so that viewers can enjoy interesting rewards in Rust. Beyond the Auron hoodie, there are more bonus items that can be earned just by watching the respective streams from these content creators. They are as follows:

Auronplay hoodie
Jacksepticeye Storage
Lylypichu Jacket
Ludwig hoodie
Myth chestplate
Pokimane garage door
Shroud hoodie
Sykkuno longsleeve tshirt
XQC Assault Rifle

How to get all the items

The methodology is simple. The first thing you should do is link your Twitch account (you don’t need to be Prime) with your Steam account. You can do it from the same platform through the Connections option. Next, you will need to activate the Twitch Drops in the Valve launcher. Once that is done, you just need to follow the live ones. On the official website, click on the object you want to get and it will take you to the video of the streamer in question. When it’s online, just view its content and claim your rewards.

From January 7 to January 14, Rust offers another series of additional objects through drops: sofa, industrial chair and hobo barrel. Of course, to enjoy all these items it is essential to have a copy of the game on PC.


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