Rust: data on multiple European servers is lost after a fire


A fire at the OVH data center in Strasbourg, France, has affected game servers like Rust; lost progress on 25 of them.

Rust, the popular survivalist from Facepunch Studios, has confirmed the total loss of player progress on up to 25 servers based in Europe. The event is due to a fire located in the OVH building in the city of Strasbourg, France, during the morning of March 10. The fire has also affected other games like MechWarrior Online.

Rust, which servers have been affected?

The affected servers have been recovering their activity the more the afternoon entered. As the company has revealed on its official Twitter account, the 25 servers have lost all the progress they contained. Here we leave you with the complete list. We order them according to the order of appearance online:

[EU] Facepunch 3 –

[EU] Facepunch 4 –

[EU] Facepunch Small 1 –

[EU] Facepunch Large 1 –

[EU] Facepunch 5 –

[EU] Facepunch 11 –

[EU] Facepunch 12 –

[EU] Facepunch Small 2 –

[EU] Facepunch Small 3 –

[EU] Facepunch Small 4 –

[EU] Softcore Facepunch 1 –

[EU] Softcore Facepunch 2 –

[EU] Facepunch 13 –

[EU] Facepunch 14 –

[EU] Facepunch Small 9 –

EU Facepunch 17 –

EU Facepunch 18 –

EU Facepunch Small 10 –

EU Softcore Facepunch 3 –

EU Softcore Facepunch 4 –

EU Softcore Facepunch 5 –

Looking at Rust today, we know that the console edition will arrive sometime next spring. Before its launch it will have a private beta in which to test the stability of the servers on PS4 and Xbox One. Although it is confirmed only for the last generation, the title is compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X | S.


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