Russian vaccine is powerful and effective against covid-19


Preliminary results of a study published in the scientific journal The Lancet indicate that the Russian vaccine against covid-19 really works and that it generates a strong and lasting immune response.

The immunizer was registered by Russia last month and raised doubts in the scientific community because, until then, it never appeared in publications detailing its operation or testing procedures. Now, the results are starting to be disclosed in a transparent manner, bringing confidence to the compound.

The state government of Paraná has already signed an agreement with Russia for the production of the vaccine, known as “Sputnik V”, here in Brazil and intends to start testing the population in the state within one month. The registration of the Russian vaccine will be made within 10 days with the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), according to the government of Paraná.

No side effects

In the Lancet article, the scientists explain that no adverse side effects were found in patients who participated in phases 1 and 2 of testing within 42 days after immunization.

In addition, 100% of vaccinated people developed a strong immune response within 21 days. This means, however, that it is necessary to maintain social distance and care against infection for at least 3 weeks after receiving the dose of the immunizer.

It is important to note that this study is considered preliminary because it has not yet carried out large-scale tests with this vaccine, known as phase 3. At least 7 different vaccines are already in this phase around the world.


In addition to stimulating the production of antibodies against the new coronavirus, the Russian vaccine is also capable of eliciting a response from the human body’s T cells, according to the study. These cells are responsible for destroying other cells that are already infected by the virus. This is linked to the long-lasting effectiveness of the vaccine against the pathogen, but there is no way to predict how long a dose can keep the patient immune.

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For phase 3 testing, the Russian government plans to convene 40,000 volunteers to get the vaccine. The Paraná government has not yet commented on how many people will be immunized in tests with Sputnik V here in Brazil.


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