Russian Sanction from Mastercard and Visa: Services Suspended in the Country


While the Russia-Ukraine crisis continues unabated, sanctions against Russia continue to come from financial companies. Now, multinational financial services companies Visa and Mastercard have announced that they have decided to suspend their services in the country.

The war between Russia and Ukraine, which started on February 24 and still continues, continues to reverberate all over the world. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine causes sanctions on the country from around the world. Payment service companies, which are frequently used and of great importance in daily life, are also among those making moves against Russia.

In the news last week, it was stated that Google Pay and Apple Pay, which are very common payment methods, are banned in Russia. Likewise, in a content we shared with you yesterday, we conveyed that a similar decision was taken by the giant online payment service company PayPal and that services in Russia were suspended. Now, again, a very important move in this regard has come from the world’s largest financial services companies.

Visa and Mastercard suspend their services in Russia

According to reports, multinational financial services companies Mastercard and Visa suspended their services in Russia due to the ongoing war. Recently, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Mykhailo Federov, called on companies around the world to stop their operations in Russia on social media, while also passing Visa and MasterCard in his statements.

In the statements made by Visa, it was stated that it will work with customers and partners in Russia to stop all transactions belonging to the company in the coming days. Once the process is completed, it was stated that transactions made with Visa cards issued from the country will not work outside of Russia, and Visa cards issued by institutions other than Russia will not work in Russia. Company CEO Al Kelly also stated in his statements that they took this decision because of the unjust and unacceptable invasion of Russia.

In a statement made by Mastercard, it was stated that network services in Russia were suspended due to the uncertainty of the economic situation and the unprecedented nature of the ongoing conflicts. In addition, it was stated by the authorities that the cards provided by Russian banks will not be supported by the Mastercard network, and the cards issued outside the country will not work in Russian enterprises and ATMs.

It was also among the news that the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, had a phone call with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski and stated that he welcomed the decisions taken by Visa and Mastercard within the scope of this meeting.