Russian Doll Season 2: Release date on Netflix and everything you need to know


Released in pre-pandemic times in 2019, Russian Doll (Russian Doll) tells the story of Nadia, a 36-year-old redhead who lives in a loop (repeats over and over again), on the day of her death. Doing a particular comedy series with a rather dark humor and advocating drug use.

The protagonist of Russian Doll, Natasha Lyonne, in an interview with Vanity Fair commented on drugs and their relationship with the plot, asserting that people have several opportunities to do it and that some people “use them all very quickly and then they can continue getting high , but there will be consequences.” In addition, he listed the possible consequences that the abuse of consumption can bring, but that nothing compares to what his character, Nadia, must live.

Despite having won 3 Emmys in the category of Photography for a short series, costumes for a contemporary series and production design; she was part of the 13 nominations they had with only the first season that was 8 episodes. On that occasion, she was also nominated for best comedy series, best leading actress and two nominations for best screenplay.

Some portals indicate that of the two seasons of Russian Doll, this would be the weakest because it is difficult to catch those who already know the story and want new adventures. However, it is expected to be as successful as the first.

The Netflix platform has published on its networks that this April 20 will be the launch of its second season and that it has kept the followers of this series in expectation. They had to wait more than 2 years to meet again with Nadia and her scandalous New York.

Russian Doll Season 2 Launch Trailer

Loving Natasha

Lyonne we remember her in her extraordinary role in Orange Is the New Black and her appearance in other productions, but in Russian Doll she is not only a protagonist, but she is a screenwriter with Leslye Headland and Amy Poehler.

In her hard work of changing the past to improve the future, she shares a scene with Charlie Barnett (Alan) with whom she also experiments with time travel and makes this story a curious relationship between the two in which they separately explore according to their traumas and experiences.

Everyone relives the moment to learn a lesson to grow and move forward healing their lives, especially Nadia’s. Between loops and return to the past you can find the answers to life’s questions. Until now there has been no talk of a third installment of Russian Doll but perhaps the doubts generated by this time travel feed fans and writers to continue the story.