Russia will take tourists to space in 2023


The mysteries of space, trips to space and scientists’ work have been among the most curious topics for years. Space tourism, which has emerged recently and has become popular, is on its way to be a new gain gate with its interesting aspect. Russia plans to take tourists to space in 2023 if everything goes well.

Humanity has added a new one to the brand new and current concepts it has gained; The name of this concept is ‘space tourism’. Simply put, it is possible to refer to space tourism as a travel program, which is considered as a simple trip where tourists take part in return for a fee and put entertainment in its center. Today, there is new news about this service, which is only provided by the Russian Federal Space Agency.

According to reports from various sources, Russia announced that a tourist will be sent to space for the first time in many years. While starting the studies on the subject, it was said that the operation will be carried out in 2023. The Russian Federal Space Agency, which transmits the information, added that the team to be sent to space will depart from Russia, travel under the supervision of a professional cosmonaut and tour a part of the International Space Station.

The most recent trip happened 11 years ago:

Sending tourists to space will be realized for the first time in many years. Before that, 7 people were taken to space as tourists, and 1 among them made 2 trips in total. The last person to travel to space was known as Canadian business man Guy Laliberte, known as the founding partner of Cirque de Soleil. In addition, the Russian Federal Space Agency informed that two new cosmonauts could be sent to the International Space Station before the end of 2021.

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It is also stated that all these travels will be carried out in connection with Russia’s state-bound space agency Roscosmos and a private company based in the United States. It was known that the two names previously entered into a cooperation for the first tourist who went to space in 2001. The cost of this journey, which adorns the dreams of many people, has not yet been transferred. The new news coming in the coming days seems to be the answer to the question marks on the details about this plan.


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