Russia to Use Wikipedia’s Native Encyclopedia


Russia, which has been the subject of our news with interesting decisions recently, has officially announced that it will make its native online encyclopedia, which will replace Wikipedia this time. The new encyclopedia will be called ‘The Great Russian Encyclopedia’.

Wikipedia, which currently has access restrictions in our country, is one of the first stops that many internet users stop by for information. The platform, which acts as an encyclopedia of the Internet, contains information about almost everything. But Russia is working on an online encyclopedia to replace the platform.

Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the online encyclopedia Wikipedia was ‘unreliable.. Putin said that the platform should be replaced by the national encyclopedia. Today, the critical decision came from Russia.

According to the Russian government, Wikipedia will be replaced by another Russian-made online encyclopedia. According to the government’s statement, this initiative will enable the public to have access to bil constantly updated information with scientifically approved sources .

The online encyclopedia, which will replace Wikipedia, will be called the ‘Great Russian Encyclopedia’. The cost of this encyclopedia to Russia is estimated to be over $ 30 million. In the meantime, let’s remind Vladimir Putin’s words last month at the Kremlin meeting:

‘It would be better to replace Wikipedia with the new Great Russian Encyclopedia in electronic format. At least this place will have reliable information that is well presented in a modern way. ’

Russia has recently taken interesting decisions:
The critical decisions Russia has taken recently are not limited to this. He recently confirmed that Russia should not sell any devices without Russian-made software. Apple must also comply with this decision.

Russia’s decision was condemned by the country’s Association of Trade Companies and Electrical Household and Computer Manufacturers. According to the statement made by the Association, it is not possible to install Russian-made software on all devices and this decision has the potential to easily attract manufacturers from the Russian market.

Another striking decision by the country was the law that allowed the government to have broad powers to control the Internet in the country. Thanks to this law, the Russian government will be able to intervene on the Internet in ‘emergencies.. Time will tell if the country will make more striking decisions.


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