Russia proposes non-interference pact in US elections


According to Reuters, President Vladimir Putin on Friday proposed an agreement between Russia and the United States to ensure neutrality in cyber interference during elections in both countries.

On the eve of the United States presidential election on November 3, the Russian president proposes a cooperation in the area of ​​technology that would function as a kind of cybernetic non-aggression pact.

In a statement, the Kremlin explains that the proposal to Washington includes “exchanging mutual guarantees of non-interference, including electoral processes”, signing an agreement on a “set of practical measures” and a worldwide pact against attacks using “information technologies” and communication “.

Putin’s proposal establishes that the two superpowers reach an understanding to avoid major incidents in cyberspace, similar, according to the Russian, to the 1972 American-Soviet treaty, when Richard Nixon went to Moscow, in a search to avoid sea and air incidents between the two nations.

The Russian president also called for the restoration of lines of communication between Russian and US security agencies to discuss key international information on the matter.

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