Russia may force Apple to lower App Store fee to 20%


Fedot Tumusov, a member of the Lower House of the Federal Assembly of Russia (Duma), presented a proposed law that would force Apple to lower the rate of transactions on the App Store from 30% to 20%. In addition, a third of that amount should be transferred to the government, with the aim of creating a fund to finance the training of citizens in the areas of technology.

Pressure on rate 30%

The proposal seems to be hitchhiking in the controversy surrounding the transaction fee of the Apple mobile app store, which has been criticized for years by independent companies and developers. Epic Games recently violated the App Store policies on purpose, with the intention of bringing the case to justice, and filed a lawsuit against Apple, which had banned Fortnite from the store.

Other companies that charge a 30% fee on transactions on their platforms are Google and Valve. It is assumed that the outcome of the lawsuit against Apple could influence this percentage of collection even for companies that had never been criticized for the practice.

Another fact that may have contributed to Tumusov’s proposal was a recent fight between Apple and Kaspersky: the Russian antitrust authority understood that Apple exceeded the App Store’s control limits by blocking an application made by the digital security company to control children’s screen time.

So far, it is not known how much support Tumusov’s proposal will win. While the law is in the national interest, the parliamentarian is not a member of United Russia, the party that is in power in the country.

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