Russia gave a clear date for the coronavirus vaccine!


Yesterday, on August 11, 2020, Russian President Vladimir Putin made a very important statement and announced that they registered the first coronavirus vaccine in the world. While this statement caused great excitement all over the world, some scientists argued that the third phase tests did not take place and that this statement made by Russia was not as exciting as it seemed.

Russia gave a clear date for the coronavirus vaccine!

Within 24 hours, a second statement came from Russia. Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko announced that the first batch of the vaccine named Sputnik V, which gives coronavirus immunity for two years as of the day it was used, will be ready in two weeks.

The vaccine is planned to produce 500 million doses of vaccine within 12 months and distribute it worldwide. According to reports from the Russian media, the Covid-19 vaccine will be used by everyone, including paramedics. In addition, a special application has been developed that allows monitoring the health status of Russian citizens. It is stated that the negative effects of the vaccine can be observed in this way.

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