Russia forces Apple to encourage installation of local apps


Although its CEO is an ardent supporter of civil rights in the U.S., Apple has had to submit to new legislation in Russia that requires smartphone manufacturers to insert a prompt into their devices that directs the user to a “special” collection of applications. previously chosen by the Russian government.

As of today (01), with the entry into force of the law, Apple has enabled the system in order to complete the first configuration of its iPhones, Russian users to be directed to applications such as the email service, the MIR payment system, the social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki and the Kaspersky Lab antivirus software.

According to local media, iPhone users will not be “forced” to download white-plate applications (or red plates, in this case), but there is no option to choose not to view them. In the case of Android devices, this software is already pre-installed. Critics of the measures, which also target PCs and smart TVs, say these apps can be used by the government as a surveillance tool.

It is not the first time that Russia has imposed sanctions on American companies for violating its strict rules on how the internet works. Last month (10), the powerful Russian communications control service Roskomnadzor slowed Twitter in the country, for allegedly postponing requests to remove “illegal content”. If Russia continues to ignore the requests, Russia threatens to ban the microblog permanently.


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