Russia: drug developed to treat coronavirus


The Russian Federal Biomedical Agency (FMBA) has announced the development of the drug to treat the new type of coronavirus.

The agency’s press office said in a statement that FMBA introduced the new Meflokin-based drug used against malaria to treat the new type of coronavirus.

The statement said, “The Farmzashchita” Research and Production Center of Russia FMBA developed the treatment scheme of coronavirus infection on the basis of Meflokin drug used against malaria, taking into account the experiences of China and France.

In the statement stated that the studies are suggested to be included in the coronavirus treatment guide of the Ministry of Health of Russia, the following statements of FMBA President Veronika Skvortsova were included:

“The drug with high selectivity blocks the cytopathic effect of coronavirus in cell cultures and prevents its replication (replication), while the immunosuppressive effect of Meflokin prevents the activation of the inflammatory response caused by the virus. The addition of macrolide antibiotics and synthetic penicillins not only prevents the formation of a secondary bacterial-viral syndrome, it also provides increased concentration of blood plasma and antiviral agents in the lungs. This will provide an effective treatment for patients with varying weight of coronavirus infections. ”

It was also stated in the statement that efforts are underway to develop an effective and safe scheme based on meflokin for the prevention of coronavirus.

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