Russia develops its TikTok with help from Putin’s daughter


In addition to the United States and India, Russia is also eyeing the success of the social network TikTok. Therefore, following the example of the Narendra Modi government, Moscow is developing an application to compete with the Chinese platform.

The information was confirmed this week, and the initiative is being run by the country’s main media holding company (controlled by the gas company Gazprom). Commenting on the matter, Gazprom Media CEO Alexander Zharov declined to keep a secret and went straight:

the application was developed with the support of the Innopraktika Foundation, which is an organization run by one of Vladimir Putin’s alleged daughters, Katerina Tikhonova. The media company will use the project’s software to accelerate the creation of a new video service for Russian bloggers.

The executive also commented on NDTV that the new application will be launched within two years and will offer support for short videos like TikTok. In addition, unlike the Chinese application, the initiative must “follow all Russian Internet rules”.

Gazprom Media is a large Russian conglomerate that owns TV channels and radio stations in Russia. The group is linked to the government of Vladimir Putin and supports several initiatives that end up limiting the freedom of expression of Russian Internet users.
It should also be noted that the new application is part of a much larger plan: RuNet. Like China, the Russian government wants to “separate” its internet from the rest of the world and this allows the government itself to control everything posted on social media.


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