Russia blocks and threatens to block Twitter access


Russia announced on Wednesday (10) that it is reducing the speed of Twitter in the country, making the loading of content on the social network slower for Russian Internet users. The limitation of access to the platform is a retaliation by the government for the company, accused of not removing content considered illegal.

According to the Russian Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Media of Russia (Roskomnadzor), speeds are being reduced on all mobile devices that try to log into Twitter in Russian territory, such as cell phones and tablets, and by 50% fixed appliances (computers and notebooks).

The regulator claims to have sent more than 28,000 requests for removal of illegal publications and links to the microblogging network since 2017. Amid these posts, there would be content related to the use of narcotics, suicide incitement and child pornography.

Still according to Roskomnadzor, other social networks were more collaborative in responding to the same requests made, while Twitter did not exclude the materials. In the face of denials, the government decided to restrict access to the service as a way to “protect Russian citizens from the influence of illegal content”, according to the statement.

Blocking threat

In addition to slowing down the connection to the service, the Russian regulatory agency has warned the company that it may take a more drastic step if it “continues to ignore the requirements of the law” by making the content available online. Roskomnadzor said it could completely block social networking in the country.

Twitter has yet to comment on the slowness on its platform in Russia or on requests for removal of publication made by the country’s government.

It is worth remembering that recently, the same body announced lawsuits against the microblog, Facebook, Google, Telegram and TikTok, for not excluding protest posts regarding the arrest of a critic of President Vladimir Putin in February.


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