Russia and China’s COVID-19 Vaccines Big Claim


Speaking to Reuters, scientists made important statements about the coronavirus vaccines approved by China and Russia. In the statements made by the experts, it was stated that the vaccines developed were based on the Ad5 virus, which was effective on the flu, not the coronavirus.

COVID-19, which has become the number one agenda item of 2020, has cost the lives of more than 850 thousand people since the first day of its emergence. The epidemic, which almost alerted every country, has not been able to be brought under control. Experts have been working for a while to develop the vaccine for the COVID-19 disease caused by the coronavirus.

Although vaccination studies have been a topic for a long time, the most robust developments in this regard came from the Chinese and Russian front. So much so that these countries have officially announced the COVID-19 vaccine. However, the latest statement by scientists includes very striking claims about Russia and China’s coronavirus vaccine. According to some scientists, the vaccines said to be found are actually effective in flu and colds.

As a matter of fact, the vaccines that Russia and China claimed to have developed were not fully digested in the scientific world. Because according to experts, the tests are insufficient, and steps were taken very quickly. In fact, one of the best doctors in Russia announced that he left his post during this turbulent process. To be clear, recent statements made by scientists reveal how justified the resignation in Russia is.

“Developed vaccines focused on Ad5 virus”

Scientists who made a statement to Reuters state that the vaccines developed are focused on the Ad5 virus. Therefore, experts who say that the vaccines developed are already known, say that these vaccines are mostly used for flu and colds. Moreover, disease carriers sent to the body with vaccines developed according to experts, would cause the body’s defense system to focus on these carriers instead of coronavirus. In other words, according to scientists, the effect of Chinese and Russian vaccines will be much lower than predictions.

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“People are already immune to this vaccine”

Making a statement on the subject, Anna Durbin from Johns Hopkins University states that people are already immune to Ad5 viruses. Stating that the developers of the vaccine do not know what strategies they have, Durbin states that the effect of the vaccine may be at the level of 40 percent, but even this is better than none.

“May cause HIV”
Another concern of scientists about coronavirus vaccines produced in China and Russia is HIV. Actually, this has been known for a long time. Merck & Co. When the company named was working on the Ad5-based HIV vaccine in 2004, it revealed that people with high immunity became more susceptible to HIV due to this vaccine.


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