Russell Wilson “cooperates” with the coaching staff: fans’ reaction


It is reported that after Russell Wilson established himself as one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, he wanted to take a seat at the table in Seattle. But he never understood.

Now in Denver, the nine-time pro bowler plays more of a managerial role. An unnamed source told longtime football writer Peter King: “Coach and Russell are not a player coach. They are partners.”

And Wilson expanded on that idea.

Saying: “This is the property of the players owning our own offense. It should be a team controlled by players. Coach Hackett gives us the keys to that.”

Fans reacted to Wilson’s role on social media.

“He had the right to vote in all his crimes, just not the way he thinks,” the film analyst replied.

“But no, we decided to keep the most senior coach in the league,” wrote a Seahawks fan.

“It will be a lot of fun to watch what is happening in both Seattle and Denver. Let’s start with that MNF discovery!” commented a Seattle journalist.

“I have a feeling he might have some bad ideas.”

“Yes, it will be a mess,” another replied.

Looks like Russ is allowed to cook in Denver.


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