Rupert Grint Starts Showing His Daughter Excerpts From The Harry Potter Films, But She Doesn’t Understand Something


It seems like only yesterday Rupert Grint was still playing Ron Weasley, sporting a wand and saying “damn it” in every second sentence. Eleven years later, our beloved red-haired wizard has grown up and is now a father with a new daughter at home. It’s time for Grint to show his two-year-old daughter clips of Harry Potter, but apparently he may have been a little prematurely excited to show her his most famous role.

Since Harry Potter has been a part of Rupert Grint’s life for ten years, it’s possible that a fantasy series will come into play when he becomes a father. In a recent interview with GQ magazine, he said that he had already given his little daughter Wednesday her first Hogwarts robe and forced himself to finally review the Harry Potter series with her in small clips. However, she may not be quite at the right age yet, because one thing confused them while watching.

I showed her clips from Potter, but I don’t think she understands that it’s me. When she grows up, I look forward to watching them with her.

I can only imagine the reaction she’ll have when she sees her father spewing slugs in the Chamber of Secrets, or Ron’s terrifying encounters with spiders when she’s big enough to figure out what’s going on. But I’m actually sure that his daughter won’t be the only one who will cringe while watching the Harry Potter series.

Grint has previously said that he can’t really look beyond the third film, as he feels it’s still quite difficult to break away from the later films and the person he was at the time. When the 34-year-old actor finally introduces his daughter to the Harry Potter films, he has already turned her into a “Potterhead” with the help of a Ron Weasley Pez wand and dispenser. I wouldn’t be surprised if her first sentences were Harry Potter spells.

However, when Wednesday gets older, maybe she will see another actor playing a role created by her father, or she will see an old version of her father return to the Magical World. At the moment, it is reported that the Harry Potter series is in development on HBO Max, and there is always the possibility of some kind of reboot or revival in the future. I have no idea what the future of the franchise will look like, but it’s also worth noting that Grint has said he will return to the Harry Potter universe, although he would like big names like Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe to be involved as well.

More recently, Rupert Grint has been busy with other roles. He reunited with “The Servant” showrunner M. Night Shyamalan in the new horror film “Knock on the Hut,” where he plays one of four strangers holding a family hostage in their remote hut with orders to sacrifice one of their own to prevent the apocalypse. . The British actor noted that he likes to play unpleasant characters because of their complexity.

I feel that Rupert Grint’s transformation of his daughter into a Harry Potter fan was only a matter of time, and if you want to follow their example with your own children, you can do it with a Peacock subscription.


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