RuPaul’s Drag Racing: Why Jinx Monsoon didn’t learn to sew before returning


When RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars 7 started streaming on Friday, May 20, she showed a whole new level of play, but one of her queens, Jinx Monsoon, didn’t take her sewing to a new level. This season is unlike any other, as it involves only winners who compete to become the queen of all queens and receive a cash prize of $ 200,000. While the AS7 contestants are former winners, Jinkx failed to master one skill required for the show (sewing), and fans want to know why.

When the fifth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race aired in the winter/spring of 2013, fans saw how the then 24-year-old Jinx defeated 13 other queens and became America’s next drag show superstar. So, when she was announced as a participant in the season of all winners, almost ten years after her initial victory, fans were glad to have her back. However, despite the fact that she had to study for almost ten years, Jinx never honed her sewing skills, and these skills are very important when it comes to participating in the show.

According to Digitalspy, when it came to the fact that she didn’t learn to sew after her return to AS7, Jinx stated: “I didn’t know I was coming back to All Stars, so I didn’t work on learning new sewing skills, because over the years I’ve worked with many great designers, most notably Lady Hyde, who designs about 90 percent of what I wear.” However, she insisted that even though she didn’t learn how to sew, she has learned a lot since she first participated in the spin-off Drag Race.

Although she didn’t learn how to sew, Jinx had a plan when it came to the design challenges on the show. According to the aforementioned article: “One of my strengths that I have learned over the years is to delegate authority. I had a plan for a design assignment, but I kind of overlooked it and doubted myself throughout the whole process. “, — said the winner of the fifth season. Nevertheless, she still did a good job with the design task, but not without thanking Trinity The Tuck for the help. Trinity took the time to help Jinx when she had trouble seeing her catwalk outfit because she couldn’t sew. Although technically Jinx could say that she did everything herself, she was a great actress and made sure that the judges and the audience at home knew that the project could not be completed without help.

Although sewing is an important factor when participating in RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, Jinx is not the first queen who didn’t know how to sew before participating in the show. Many queens were in the same boat, but did not do so well with the design tasks of the show. If queens want to succeed in the show, they must definitely learn to sew. Given that there are design issues in every season, RuPaul Charles clearly believes that sewing is an important aspect of a successful transvestite.