Runs through the floor built by the masons in Tabasco


A woman caused outrage on social networks, after she was caught ruining the newly built floor by a group of bricklayers, in the city of Villahermosa, Tabasco, in the southeast of the country, and was called #LadyBanqueta.

And it is that the construction workers were happy to have finished the sidewalk in a street of Villahermosa, everything was celebration, when suddenly a woman appears, who cared little about the work and effort that it represents for the bricklayers.

The images were captured on video, where you can see the fresh cement and without caring, the woman steps on it, leaving footprints on it, while the masons yell at her that I did not go through there, things that she did not care about and ruined the fresh floor.

“Hey, hey, take her picture,” a bricklayer shouted to one of her colleagues so that there would be a sample of the woman’s wrongdoing.

The masons told her that she could not step, but she cared little about that request.

In the video that went viral on social networks, the woman is seen passing through the fresh floor over and over again.

According to witnesses, the woman was dissatisfied because outside her business the bricklayers did not leave a step.

However, for many Internet users that is not a justification for him to spoil the work of several hours of the bricklayers.

Many are calling for a fine to be imposed, while others have strongly criticized the woman.

“What a little mother !! And it is one of those women who abuse their gender! It should not be allowed, and pay for the repairs! ”, Wrote a netizen.


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