RuneScape Will Win Version For Mobile Devices in 2021


RuneScape: Executive Producer Ryan Ward confirmed this fifth-year (22) that RuneScape will win a mobile version sometime in 2021, supporting all PC resources and cross-platform gaming.Commemorating 20 years of history, or MMORPG a year full of news for you. Second Ward, the version for mobile devices will be made available with all the main functionalities of the original game, including missões, characters, campanhas and many other elements. Also, gamers can play with friends through cross-platform, with the option of downloading their progress and all itens between PC and mobile through personal contact.

In order to “create an experience that is fantastic, not mobile, but not desktop”, the developers will confirm that RuneScape Mobile will have its own interface and optimized in its launch, with fabrics, icons, details, commands and many other options reformulated to guarantee accessibility through tablets and smartphones and a smooth and intuitive gameplay.

At this moment, RuneScape has been awarded with pre-orders released in the App Store and pre-registrations in Google Play, and the players who enter in any of the two modalities will direct to exclusive rewards such as five aesthetic visuals, Crux Eqal armor and increase in XP at 50% per week.

RuneScape, available exclusively for PC, does not have any data from checked on mobile devices.


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