Rune Factory 5, A Hybrid Between RPG And Farm Simulator


Rune Factory 5: After a decade without a new game in the Rune Factory franchise, this title has arrived to offer us a personalized and refreshing experience. Rune Factory 5 is an Action RPG/farm simulator hybrid that is very enjoyable to play. The main secret behind this is that it lets you do your own thing whenever you feel like it: if one day you feel like you want to focus on the garden, you can equip the hoe and watering can and start growing vegetables. If you feel more like socializing with people, doing quests and collecting items, you can go on social visits and see what’s going on around town. And if you’ve woken up wanting to dish out a dungeon smackdown, all you have to do is go out there well equipped and with your best weapon in hand and prepare for combat.

This title puts us in the shoes of Ares or Alice, heroes with amnesia who have appeared in the village of Rigbarth. There they are offered shelter and food, but in exchange for this they must be part of the SEED team, which is in charge of solving any wrong that may happen in the town. At first this will consist of planting seeds, collecting items or making social visits, but soon we will be able to brandish a sword and go on an adventure. A fairly simple story without great pretensions that places us in a calm environment ideal for relaxing the mind.

The game allows us to advance as we please through a very well gamified progression system; that is, we level up doing practically anything, including walking. Whether it’s plowing the field, watering the plants, receiving attacks or even sleeping, everything will help us become stronger and advance the game in the way we most want. Just make sure you sleep and eat right, or fatigue will lower your stats, or you might even get sick.

Another aspect that allows us to make Rigbarth our home is the Directives, an option that allows us to change certain aspects to adapt the game mode to our preferences. For example, we can celebrate big festivals, such as a cooking festival in which we must put our best ingredients on the grill if we want to win the competition. This is just one of the ways the developers have taken it upon themselves to make the game feel alive; Another aspect is that the characters go about their lives independently of us, getting up at an hour, going to work, returning home when their establishment closes…