Rumors of a Quake MCU reboot from the agents of the showrunner SHIELD


Agents of SHIELD showrunner Morissa Tancharoen respond to rumors that the Marvel Cinematic Universe will restart Quake. Over the course of seven seasons of Agents of Shield, viewers saw Chloe Bennet’s Skye transform into Daisy Johnson, a powerful non-human known as the Shiver. Since the series was originally conceived as related to MCU films, there has long been hope that a crossover would take place. The Agents of Shield are variously associated with the MCU films, but none of their characters have ever appeared in the films. That hasn’t stopped rumors that this is going to change.

The return of Daredevil Charlie Cox and Kingpin Vincent D’Onofrio in Phase 4 has only fueled rumors that Shiver and other Shield Agent characters may reappear. One of the big questions surrounding this possibility is whether their return will confirm that the events of the show are MCU canon. Despite the fact that there are big disagreements in the fan community about which option is better, it is now widely believed that the action of “Agents of Shield” takes place in a different timeline as part of the multiverse. This would allow the MCU to gently reboot any Shield Agents character without the show’s continuity restrictions, but still use actors.

Recently, rumors began to spread on Twitter that Chloe Bennet is returning as a Shiver in the MCU and that Marvel Studios is treating Agents of Shield as if it were happening in another universe. There were rumors that the MCU Quake reboot would give her a new origin, but would also include parts of her backstory from the series. It also stated that the creative team Agents of SHIELD has blessed Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios for this decision. When the rumor began to gain momentum online, showrunner and co-author Maurcisa Tancharoen reacted to it on Twitter. She denied that she knew anything about these plans, and also refuted the opinion that Marvel has a blessing to reboot Quake.

The future of Quake in the MCU continues to be a big mystery. While Bennett has repeatedly denied that her return as Daisy Johnson is scheduled, many continued to doubt these statements after seeing Andrew Garfield lie about being in Spider-Man: There Is No Way Home, Jonathan Majors denies debuting as Kang in Loki” and much more. Tancharoen’s reaction to the rumor is potentially quite indicative in terms of the credibility of Bennett’s statements. She didn’t have to react to this rumor, and it’s pretty hard to imagine that she, at least, didn’t know about the Shiver joining the MCU, regardless of whether this information came from Feiga or Bennett.

Even considering Tancharoen’s reaction to rumors of a Quake reboot in the MCU, that won’t stop many from continuing to hope that Bennett will play Daisy Johnson again in “Secret Invasion.” “Shang Chi 2” is another project she could return to if Marvel Studios has plans for this “Agents of Shield” character. Plans for the Multiverse Saga open the door for Quake and other agents to return as rebooted versions of themselves, so now it just remains to wait to see if Daisy Johnson will appear once again in the MCU or not.


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