Rumors, Live Gold End on Xbox Gold X and more


Microsoft was thrilled to be able to offer Halo Infinite online multiplayer for free on its platforms. And that could be the beginning of a very important change in the industry.

According to insider Jeff Grubb, who has repeatedly proved to be a trusted source for the gaming industry, Xbox Live Gold could be discontinued with the next generation of Redmond giant consoles. A recent sign that the service would no longer be a priority for the company, even, was the end of annual subscriptions to the service.

Thus, players would only need to worry about purchasing their favorite games, with online games released without the need to purchase any additional services, not even the Game Pass Ultimate.

Even though it is from a reliable source, Jeff’s information should be viewed with caution: for bringing an extremely optimistic data to the industry, it is good not to get so excited until we hear it from Microsoft. In addition, it may be that only free games, first-party, or selected games have their multiplayer released without the need to purchase additional services.

If Microsoft really goes for the “general release”, Sony may have a new headache: everything indicates that the Series X will come at a price more affordable than the PlayStation 5, even due to the possible launch of an Xbox Series S. In addition, the Game Pass is already positioned as a second advantage, having confirmed games for the next generation on the day of launch of the devices.

Offering free online multiplayer can be another advantage in favor of Microsoft, increasing the differences between the consoles, even though Sony really has commendable exclusives.

Remember, even Nintendo started charging for online multiplayer with the arrival of the Nintendo Switch. The Japanese bravely resisted until the Wii U, but with its new generation of products it embarked on what, in 2017, was still an industry trend.


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