Rumors about the legendary Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Quartet – what are the four dangers


Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will mark the beginning of a new generation of the franchise, and with that, players will be able to explore a new region filled with new Pokemon to collect. More mysteries surrounding Pokemon will also be revealed, including a strange phenomenon called terastallization, which causes some Pokemon to take a crystalline form, and sometimes even change type. Travel will also become easier thanks to Koraydon and Miraydon, two legendary Pokemon that can change shape and move players over land, sea and air.

Although gamers will have to wait a little longer before they can play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, several leaks have provided eager fans with information about the upcoming information. According to several sources, in addition to the two legendary ones that have been revealed, the games will also feature four legendary Pokemon whose concepts are inspired by Chinese mythology. It is still unknown how accurate the leaks are, but they come from sources that have proven themselves to be reliable.

According to rumors, the legendary Pokemon Scarlet and Violet quartet

There is not much time left before the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and on the eve of the game, the developers teased fans with several trailers revealing a lot about the new region and the adventures ahead. However, it seems that most of the information fans are getting comes from Pokemon leaks, and while some of them have turned out to be false, a handful have maintained an almost flawless track record. This includes the Riddler Hu, who has a habit of revealing information in the form of cryptic messages.

In past Pokemon games, in addition to the legendary Pokemon mascot that can appear on the cover of games, there are usually additional legendary Pokemon that are somehow related. For example, in the first generation there were spontaneous birds, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, and in the subsequent game, Pokemon Gold and Silver, three legendary dogs appeared: Entei, Raikou and Suikun. According to some leaders, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will have their own set of legends, but this time it will be a quartet, not a trio.

A well-known insider Kaka stated that the quartet will not have a dragon type or a fairy type, which is noteworthy since these are popular types for legendary Pokemon. Riddler Hu’s tweet with four Pokemon might give some insight into what the legendary types might be like. The Pokemon in the image are Incineroar, Krookodile, Sneasel and Cacturne, and gamers realized that this means that Dark/Fire, Dark/Ground, Dark/Ice and Dark/Grass Pokemon will be legendary.

What are the four dangers?

Pokemon are often associated with mythology and folklore, as, for example, in the case of Ninetales, which is based on the kitsune from Japanese mythology. It has been suggested that, according to rumors, the legendary Pokemon quartet Scarlet and Violet may be based on the four dangers of Chinese mythology. Sometimes known as the Four Creatures, the Four Dangers are described as evil creatures that are analogous to the Four Benevolent Animals. They are usually depicted as terrible beasts and are called Hundun, Taowu, Taotie and Qiunqi.

Hundun is described as a faceless being associated with primordial chaos. It is said that Hundun is not able to distinguish right from wrong and will follow the instructions of those with bad intentions. Taowu is associated with ignorance, and the terrifying beast is described as having pig teeth, tiger paws and a human face. He can’t be taught anything, and he’s painfully stubborn. Taotie is associated with gluttony and is depicted with the head and arms of a man and the body of a sheep. Taoti is so greedy that he is ready to eat even a human. Finally, there is the winged tiger Qiongqi, which is associated with guile and is said to bring disaster and misfortune. According to mythology, Qiongqi will attack the nobles.

There are many ways in which the Four Dangers could potentially be included in the four legends that will presumably be in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Games can draw inspiration from the design of animals, as they are described quite vividly, and with a little creativity they can be adapted to look like Pokemon. Developers can also draw on the mythological stories behind the four dangers, although this may mean that the legendary Pokemon may play an ominous role in the upcoming game. This would be especially appropriate if it is true that the entire quartet will be a one-part Dark-Type. In past Pokemon games, evil organizations have tried to use Pokemon for nefarious purposes, so this is not the first time Pokemon have found themselves on the dark side.


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