Rumored to be pregnant with fans, EXO’s Lay label opens its voice


EXO’s Lay label gave their official statement regarding rumors that the idol had impregnated his own fan.


As fans know, previously there were rumors that a popular celebrity who had three letters in his name impregnated his own fan.

After the rumors circulated, there were two male celebrities from China who were strongly suspected of being the perpetrators, namely Zhang Yixing who used the stage name ‘LAY’ and Cai Xukun who used the stage name ‘KUN’.

However, responding to these rumors, Lay’s label in China immediately gave their official statement and denied the rumors circulating.

The label stated that Lay had been the victim of false rumors and defamation. The label is currently investigating the spread of the rumor and there are two people who are suspected of spreading the rumor in the first place.

Lay’s label also claimed to have submitted the case to a lawyer and strict legal action would be taken against the perpetrators of Lay’s false rumors.